Our Residential Mortgage origination and lending is unique. AAXY LLC, doing business as AAXY Mortgage and Austin First Mortgage, is not a traditional mortgage company but a very competitive full service mortgage company with many value added services to help our customers in their real estate finance need.

 If your property is in Texas and you are interested in getting a mortgage loan, please email us at:info@aaxyllc.com or call at (512) 377-6580 or (832)431-4516. We provide not only very competitive pricing (rate and closing cost), but many added value services. Like real estate planing, real estate investment advising, credit consoling.

Other than mortgage lending and brokerage, our affiliated and non-affiliated but networked businesses can help you on something you may need.

The owner/Partner of AAXY LLC, Xiaomin James Wu who is also owner/partner of the real estate company, AAXY Services LLC dba All Side Realty.

Real Estate Brokerage, Leasing, and Consulting services. Please visit www.allsiderealty.com for more information. Currently our agents can provide full real estate services in Austin and limited services in Houston and the San Antonio area.

Other Services (no real estate, non finance services) 

Small Business Services. We can provide or refer business consulting, register, bookkeeping, accounting (through a CPA partner), and technology services. We can offer:

a. Local Branch or Local office. If your business is not located in the US and you would like to have a virtual branch or customer service center. We have real local offices and real people to answer customer phone calls. We can help you sell your product or services in the US.

b. Business startup help. We provide consulting services to help you register a new business in Texas. US.

c. Business finance services. We have expert to help you understand your financial needs. We can help you to do bookkeeping and we can refer a local CPA to provide you accounting services.

d. Tech services. We can help you with your technology needs. Computer and network setup, telephone systems, as well as website design and hosting.



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